Feminine Curves

Just like my Black is beautiful, so are my curves! 

A recent assignment in my Research Methods course led me to do a post on femininity.  I did a review on the article titled Black and White Women's Perspectives on Femininity and it was totally interesting. This article shed light on a fact that always existed but that I did not see clearly until now.  Are you all aware of "dominant femininity?" I wasn't until I did a critique on the article.  Dominant femininity is a set of normative feminine behaviors [set by the dominant culture]. You know, the things that we do that screams "I'm a female!" These things include beautifying ourselves, our demeanor, marriage, sexuality, and others. The funny thing is only a select group of females will actually achieve this dominant femininity.  It reminds me of the class system, if you aren't rich and fair skinned you are subordinate.  In this case, if you aren't fair skinned (White to be exact) and upper-middle class you are subordinate.  Our mainstream American culture tends to not value those who do not fit into that mold.  Just think, us curvy, or plus sized, gals wouldn't stand a chance at being called feminine according to the research.  I for one think its time for new research!
I first saw this image on IG (InstaGram)!

Considering the recent increase of trendy plus size clothing and designers, I don't think that the slender, upper-middle class, female is at the top all by her lonesome anymore, we once subordinate curvy gals are climbing up the ladder to join her!  I like to think that mainstream is, slowly, but surely, trying to make room for TRUE diversity.  So as I encourage change, see how I embrace my curves and other diverse features with bold color and a daring print!

Items worn can be found HERE!
We [plus size ladies] get flack from many people telling us what to do and what not to do. The rules are meant for those who break them. I'm not breaking any, so the rules don't apply to me!

Enjoy being you, and embrace what God gave you! No matter how big or how small of a package, you are beautiful!

Article Information:
Cole, E. R. & Zucker, A. N. (2007). Black and white women's perspectives on femininity. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic
          Minority Psychology, 13(1), 1-9.


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