Contest Winner & Top 50 Fashion IGs

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of winning a Facebook (Thick Madames Plus Size) contest and being featured as one of the top 50 fashion InstaGrammers to follow on the Essence website! And get this, there were only 5 of us Plus Size gals! Click here for the TMPS fan page and here to see the other fashionable ladies featured! 

Thick Madames Plus Size Contest Winner!!!!

Hey hey now look who is a part of @essencemag 50 Fashion Instagrammers (Digital Divas)! Thank you @lainagaga for letting me know and thnk u all for thinking of lil ole me! I will be in the Essence magazine yet! #dreamsdocometrue

Here's a list of more fab ladies that made the list! I'm so honored to be mentioned in the number!
Kim of, Shirley of, Folake of, Gabi of, June Ambrose, Solange, Christina of, Kelly of, and MANY MORE greats! :D


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