Faux Fur Stole

So my faux fur stole arrived in the mail on Thursday afternoon and I fell in love all over again! I decided to do a review on it since I loved it once it became mine! I first spotted this particular stole in JCP like a month ago but I did not purchase it at the time. This one actually came as an exchange for styling services! The purchase price was initially $40 bucks but now its on sale for a whopping $24! Gotta love JCP!

As a child I hated going to JCP to shop. None of the "cool" items were sold there so I did not want to even step foot in the store!  As an adult shopper I can appreciate JCP's quality and prices but above all I appreciate their style.  Back in 2009 or so I heard rumors that JCP was going to close their doors for good, but luckily those were only rumors. During that same time I attended a student fashion show in Dallas, TX which JCP sponsored and their rep mentioned the turn around planned for the store. I had no idea the turn around would be this huge! Prior to their face lift JCP wasn't even an option for me, now I go there often to see what brands such as I ♥ Ronson, Allen B, MNG and others have in stock.  JCP has been making sure they host the latest trends with bold colors and prints.  The best part is they didn't completely leave us plus size gals out! Many styles in the misses section can be found in the plus section and the cut of the misses brands is impeccable! I'd like to see a lot  more styles and trends in the plus section but I don't doubt JCP will stay this way always! I'd love to walk past the previous mentioned brands on both the plus and misses floors! What they have will work for now!

Like I mentioned before JCP has quality and stylish pieces. Take my fur stole for instance. It looks like the real deal and cost a lot less! I am more than pleased with the feel of the faux fur and sheen. Its not dry like most faux furs and the shedding isn't horrible either. I am so happy to own this color but I will be purchasing the natural color soon!

Where'd I get it? 
Top: Kohl's (Rock & Republic)
Skirt: Target (5yrs ago)
Belt: Asos.com
Tights: JCP
Boots: Kohl's (ELLE)
Bangles & Watch: Various boutiques
Ring: Kohl's-Gold (J'Lo)
Earrings: Kohl's (J'Lo)

Braids Update: I'm still enjoying my box braids! I plan on getting them a bit smaller and shorter the next time though.  They are really heavy and the bun turns out extremely large. I also plan on getting a streak of color in the back to add a tiny bit of flare! 

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  1. yes ma'am! love this outfit and the stole is beautiful!

  2. I LOVE stoles!! So cute, Kim. :) Have you seen the ones at Target?

    1. Thank you girl! Yes ma'am I saw them but they made me look broad in the shoulders!

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